Statues, seats & structures drive Rousham walk

If meadows, forests, and hills form attractive compositions for strolling, why introduce manmade objects and risk disrupting the natural harmony? The Rousham estate in Oxfordshire can again provide memorable answers. Dotted along its main path through woods and along the river are statues, seats, and little structures. These artificial insertions don’t disrupt the natural scenery. […]

Wholly pleasing venues? A tricky business!

To provide the harmonious settings strollers seek requires broad, yet site-specific cultural understanding, attention to details, and—dare we say it in these oh-so-post-Miss-Manners days—good taste. A rose garden may offer a broad, flat strolling path yet remain empty because thorny branches flop across the path. Strollers shun not only abandoned buildings and litter-strewn lots, but […]

Easy access, few choices and a conflict-free stroll

Alone or in groups, strollers normally seek places easily reached, entered, and toured, so they seek routes with handy access, few decision points, and no conflicts. Any intelligent child should be able to follow a good strolling path. For adults strolling there, the mind is free to focus on conversations, inner thoughts, or nothing at […]

Evolving venues for strolling with strangers

For gregarious or anonymous strolling among crowds, we want still wider, perhaps specially built promenades. These public strolling plazas can be isolated from city bustle, like the malls Olmsted designed inside major parks or, as is increasingly being done, they can be part of the city’s flow, like the pedestrian esplanades of the Champs Elysées […]