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Functional Modern Grid System Table That Allows User’s Configuration

Looking at this table with all the contents will make you realize how useful this furniture can be.   Its grids have different heights that offer sitting or standing task area giving complete control to the users. You can place whatever you want from books to pens. Your daily materials will be easy to store in this table that allows maximal storage visibility. You can take it apart and configure it according to your usage. Steel frames and aluminum rods form structural supports for the table.      It has nylon powder-coated steel meshes that are slid into place. There are folded aluminum sheets which are add-on accessories that can be used as shelves or drawers. Look how colorful the aluminums look like! It adds some fun twist to this serious looking furniture.  You can turn it with a flat surface and storage spaces under it. I think can be good even as a dining table. This could be how your stuffs will look like when arranged in different sizes and heights of the wire mesh.Aside from the aluminum, there are more accessories that can be used for the table.

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