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Kasokudo Bonsai Modern Planter Showcases a Fusion of Style and Function

      At first glance, I actually thought this one resembles a whale with its from and color combination. But of course, it isn’t.With a design like this, it is easier to grasp on the long side.  And of course, what lies in the center of it is a bonsai tree that brings life to wherever you are going to place it.When pictured from the tip, this is how the planter looks like. One thing that adds to the appeal of this planter is this 3D printed mountain.With the mountain and the bonsai tree together in this modern planter, it looks like a miniature of nature which we will all get to love.         It is also amazing how this one seem to float because of its design.      In this view, you can see how big the planter is. It can actually pass as a sculpture.

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