Living Room Decor and Makeover

Appealing Corner Fireplace in the Living Room


1. )
This is a modern living room using a stone fireplace and a very simple mantle. How do you like that?

2. ) Art Deco Impact

Flanked by double bookcases, this corner fireplace vies for attention with a wellness tv. But since it sits on a base and upholds a beautiful mirrored board, it is a winner every time.

Look at the clean texture of the Vancouver living room — modern corner terrace!

4. )
This living room includes a fireplace made of rock, we’ve got a beautiful carpeting and the loaded colors mixed in that space.

5. )
    Try something as straightforward as adding a colorful tray to the center of your coffee table or ottoman. I adore the colors of all the Lacquer Wood trays in West Elm. For big coffee tables, then get two to put side by side.

6. )
  Like the stone all the method to the ceiling, but no mantle? Kind of fascinating, do not you believe?

7. ) Traditional Household Room

  The color of the living room is Sienna Sand from Parker Paint.

8. )
  The various textures round fireplace is actually beautiful. It complements nicely with the horizontal walls. )

  The potential inclusion of curve in fireplace is that a unique move for the developer; and the production of hearth lightly elevated is fine also.

  The color palette of the living room is really elegant and complex.

Just how can you enjoy the complete on the fireplace?

12. Kinsman Signature Home

      A piled stone fireplace brings the focus when people are not seeing the 60-inch styled inset plasma TV display.

13. Modern Condo

Modern household room with tasteful custom made light, modern region carpet, modern chair and ottoman and zebra wood console desk.

14. Needham Home

  The furniture structure of the living room is spectacular!

15. North Metro Basement Remodel

Have a corner in that your home that only sounds like wasted space? ) Do what was performed here — construct a fireplace out of a single wall into the other.

16. Northwest Hills

Occasionally the best approach to cope with these two focal points is to divide them. This design makes use of an angled wall while still making it effortless to enjoy the fireplace and the TV in the same moment.

17. Wallace Residence

Modern and airy household room with nail head accents and wealthy grey and light blue colour, accents of persimmon.

18. Plan #3765

      I enjoy the mantle here. Windows come up to edge of chimney.

19. Ridge Home

      I love the way this seems. I would favor a larger firebox, a raised hearth and travertine.

20. River House

      I enjoy the manner they have done the fireplace but also the room setup.

Bathroom Decor and Remodel

Stylish and Relaxing Bohemian Bathroom Designs

1. Hem & Antik

Bohemian style usually makes use of well-worn items from totally different intervals and areas of the world, could possibly be vintage or antique finds that inform a narrative and provides an eclectic look. On this bathroom design, the old-fashioned bathtub that has a beautiful antique look takes the center stage because the inexperienced vegetation accentuated it with its recent and calming look.

2. Amber Interiors

I’m in love with the daring colors, playful patterns, and textures in this Bohemian bathroom design! It has rich-colored rugs with intricate particulars overlaying the equally thrilling floor tiles. A deep black paint over the tile partitions enhances the daring tribal-pattern wallpaper of her personal design giving the space a lot character.

three. Modern Vintage Bathroom Reveal

This is a “Modern Bohemian” bathroom style. It has the clean traces and minimalist look of modern style and the pops of Bohemian contact on space rugs and greenery.

four. Tatjanas_World

Have a look at how serene and laidback this bathroom is! The candles give a romantic really feel. The wicker and wood decor make the space cozy and inviting and the inexperienced vegetation carry the heat from it. I really like the framed quote on the wall, it provides a enjoyable vibe to the entire space.

5. Jungalow

This is such a tremendous bathroom! The combination of various patterns, wealthy colors and the vegetation in totally different heights, give curiosity and character to the space.

6. Liza Rachevskaya

If you’re the type who loves brilliant colors, then this bohemian bathroom design is best for you! The daring colors complement the strikingly playful patterns and the black and white bathe curtainbalances the entire scheme.

7. Bohemian Bathroom

This beautiful bathroom is meant for an city bohemian lady in her 20’s. This design may be for you, no matter your age is as long as you’re feeling relaxed in a white-blue-brown-wood scheme. The beautiful colors go nicely collectively that it creates a chilled and inviting vibe. It has the correct quantity of patterns which might be subtle and chic.

eight. Eclectic Bohemian Bathroom

If you’re up for a by-the-beach look, it’s possible you’ll need to think about placing up hanging vegetation to provide you that look. The white brick wall serves as a beautiful backdrop for the pops of colors. The geometric tiles give a 70’s hippie vibe.

9. Pure Bohemian

This one is neat! You get the clean traces of the modern design and the pops of attention-grabbing bohemian patterns giving character and tropical really feel to the space.

10. Murphy Deesign

This bathroom space is a mix of vintage and modern aesthetics. It has the glamorous bohemian really feel and the sophistication vibe of a modern minimalist. I really like the flamingos on the wallpaper and its muted color making it a enjoyable backdrop to all of the pops of colors in the space.

11. Wizards Mountain, Byron Bay

The bohemian inside is all about layers. Lovely and unique touches on layers like attention-grabbing patterns on the wall and woven rugs, beautiful textures on wicker tables and bathroom furniture, art work, vegetation, and flowers all of it give off a boho vibe that is vigorous and so inviting.

12. Modern Bohemian Grasp Tub Retreat

This beautiful tub space is crammed with Moroccan influences and colorful accents with the clean, open and light-filled traits of modern design.

13. La Boheme Home Of The Wishing Timber

Select a carpet with a world vibe to intensify and add character to your bathroom just like the one on this beautiful bathroom design. Fill the space with indoor vegetation in totally different sizes to make your bathroom extra stress-free and inviting.

14. Anthropologie – Risa Bathe Curtain

Make investments on bathe curtains with attention-grabbing and playful patterns that scream bohemian for an instantaneous hippie vibe. It is lots sensible and cheaper than renovating the entire space. The perfect half is you possibly can change it anytime you want.

15. HKliving – Bohemian Interiors

This bathroom space is nothing however peaceable and soothing. The pop of colors in opposition to the all-white backdrop provides character to the space.

16. Bohemian Bathroom

Make your bathroom trendy and dreamy by selecting whimsy decor like this potted plant that climbs the panel door on an adjustable stool creating an enthralling contact to this white space.

17. Sarah Greenman

If you’re extra in contact in your creative facet, it’s possible you’ll take inspiration from this wonderful bohemian bathroom design. This black-and-blue bohemian bathroom is coated with swirling mosaic tile from partitions to its floor creating an oceanic impact across the claw-foot tub. You may also repaint your old dresser or in this case old china hutch to function an arrogance with loads of storage. Make it enjoyable and stuffed with character by including totally different patterns, texture, and daring colors.

18. Boho Chic – Mill Valley

I really like the enjoyable punch of colors in this bathroom design and the surprising selection of decor that give a world ambiance.

19. An Vintage Supplier’s Nostalgic Bohemian Nashville Bungalow

This beautiful tub is a mixture of a mid-century and rustic style. It has a mix of modern and vintage furniture with decor from the homeowners’ travels giving a real bohemian environment.

20. Place Of My Style

If you’re working on an all-neutral color scheme one of the best ways so as to add color and enjoyable to the space is to throw a decor that may give excessive distinction. Check out how this beautiful vintage rug livens the already pleasant space.

Home Decoration

Dark Brick Home in the Forest of Canada

Gorgeous. Because of the dark brick walls, the house seems to blend with nature around it. You can also see that trees around the house make the area look even more beautiful. It is like you will always be on a retreat when you are here! On one side of the house, you can see the garage with a black door and you can also see here how neat and nice the outdoor space is as the designers added pavers on the ground on some areas around the house. It also looks like they preserved some trees too. This dark brick and wood home has an outdoor patio with its own dining area and outdoor lounge. Aside from the trees, there are also some other types of plants n it and even large rocks. This area can been seen from indoors through the large black-framed windows. By using touches of wood, the dark brick exterior is softened with the added glass walls in it. Aside from that, there are also other wooden features like the chairs, stairs, and door. You can also see in this picture that concrete pavers were added in the outdoor area.Large windows allow plenty of light into the interior living areas and it also allows the owners to get a nice view of the surroundings. Oh, I spotted a deer in this photo. I’m not sure if its real or just a sculpture that they added there. But it would be totally cool if that one is real! In the interior, there is a cozy living room with fireplace that can be extended by opening the space to the covered deck area. This part of the house looks really cozy because aside from being able to seamlessly connect to the deck, the furniture used in here are really beautiful and are made of natural materials like the wicker set and wooden table. This is the second living area featuring contemporary furniture in it. The white walls are broken up with windows that have a view of the surrounding trees. With the glass windows, this part of the house is flooded with natural light. And I can see the deer again. Hmmm… It must be a sculpture! One would walk through a floating teak walkway in order to get to the living room. I like the combination of glass walls and a wooden door in here. Another interesting feature in the living room is the trunk coffee tables! Didn’t know that these were suitcases until I saw the handles. This is the kitchen, with plenty of storage that used wood. Notice that it used two different tones of wood for the island and the cabinets. One thing that is noticeable here is the cut-out section for displaying artwork. Very interesting, right? Even its lighting looks unique as well. The bedroom has a wood covered feature wall that takes inspiration from the surrounding trees. It also has a bed made of wood and a comfy mattress on it. You can also see that it has glass pendant lights suspended from the ceiling. Like the living area, this one also has floor-to-ceiling glass windows in it.

Home Decoration

Contemporary House in Scotch Cove Intended for Family Gatherings

It is designed for an active couple in their seventies who are always visited by their family. Because of this, the design is centered on family events and the outdoors. The project consists of the main house and an outbuilding which contains a dwelling and a workshop. The roof of the home extends at the end of the main house to make a pergola for an outdoor patio. This home is located in a meadow at the edge of the ocean.The location provides spectacular views of Graves Island and the Tancooks which is ideal for the retiring couple and their extended family. Green roofs which are visible from the studio, connect the home to its meadow setting.The project is consisting of the main house and a guest studio/garage. One can get glimpses of the dramatic ocean views through the glulam structure that emerges from the interior of the house. For those who love to spend time outdoors, there is a pergola with a seating area. This is the dining area which is located behind the living room. It features floor-to-ceiling windows that provide ocean views. Separate tables have been set up so that one can be used as games tables while the other as a dining table. The dramatic view unfolds along the south and east elevation from inside the home. The concrete floor in the interior extends out to an extensive patio. There is also a stone element that houses the indoor and outdoor fireplace. Inside the main house is a large open room that contains the living room, dining area, and kitchen. A stone fireplace surround, which has built-in firewood storage, adds a natural aura in the room. The kitchen has minimalist white cabinets that are paired with wood counters to create a contemporary appearance. Well, like what we always say, when wood and white are combined together, it will no doubt look awesome! Seen here a photo of the wood posts and beams that are used through the structure of the house.

Home Decoration

Evolving Furniture to Fit Your Needs

Home Decoration

Kasokudo Bonsai Modern Planter Showcases a Fusion of Style and Function

      At first glance, I actually thought this one resembles a whale with its from and color combination. But of course, it isn’t.With a design like this, it is easier to grasp on the long side.  And of course, what lies in the center of it is a bonsai tree that brings life to wherever you are going to place it.When pictured from the tip, this is how the planter looks like. One thing that adds to the appeal of this planter is this 3D printed mountain.With the mountain and the bonsai tree together in this modern planter, it looks like a miniature of nature which we will all get to love.         It is also amazing how this one seem to float because of its design.      In this view, you can see how big the planter is. It can actually pass as a sculpture.

Home Decoration

Appealing Modern Toblerone House in São Paulo, Brazil

      On the first floor of the house, door frames are open which allows the living room to become a floor free from boundaries. The house is surrounded by plants and has this indoor garden where trees pierce through a slab.This staircase can be seen even from outside because of the use of glass walls. Note the openness of the house but the upper level where the private areas are located is screened. The shape of the house does look like a Toblerone especially with the screen. What you see here is the screen on the upper level when closed.  The contrasting appeal of the lower and upper level of the house looks very gorgeous! The interior of the house has an open layout with beautiful furniture and decors. Purple and green can be seen in this living space from the furniture to the throw pillows.What you can see here is the terrace with a modern fireplace. Another look at the staircase of the house that connects the first floor to the second level.Notice the position of the fireplace. Isn’t it lovely? Glass reflects the trees and plants around the house which would seemingly bring nature inside it. This is a working area for two people. I can imagine how refreshing it is to work in here.  The house used a mix of materials from concrete, wood to glass.       A steel column made the house structurally established which also adds beauty to the space. With the lights on, the house looks even more beautiful and dramatic   The garden and landscaping in the outdoor area of the house is very breathtaking. The landscaping of the house also have a gorgeous lighting too.This one is the bedroom from the upper level. You can see how the screens look like from the inside.

Home Decoration

Enhance your Rustic Place with


1. )
  Utilize some throw off forests, split it and place some dirt and adorn with flowers.

2. )
This wood table shirt decor provides any method of decor from modern to conventional with which back-to-nature appearance.
Living Room

Engineered wooden bits can include style into your dining tables.

4. )
These wooden spheres provide an unusual sense to some living room making a vintage or rustic feel.

5. )
Because it is that a dining dining table, why not include wooden gourds (fruit) as a centerpiece which would complement the region.

6. )
Enhance the attractiveness of your wooden coffee tables with wooden tray stuffed with small decors and center with candles.

7. )
  You simply have to be creative and imaginative to make a different sort of centerpiece.

8. )
Search for vintage substances, just in this way round redwood basket with manage were you can put fruits inside.

  The casual look of the living room illustrates a lifetime in a coastal breeze. The style of this wooden dining table is improved with the woven wooden basket because the centerpiece.

      A unique dining table centerpiece; wooden beams stuffed with moss balls, seems quite clean and warm.

11. Madison

  The avian centerpiece unifies with that the woodland opinion supporting.

12. Candle Holder

This could be quite a warm centerpiece which would provide a feeling of calmness.

13. Pheasants

Pheasants possess a noble look that adds to their own allure and would provide a dramatic effect.

14. Tier Tree Wooden Stand

This is ideal piece for outdoor dining decor, but in addition is a beautiful bit for marriage decors.

15. Tree Stump Vases

Tree stump is a vase of flower pot. This vase is generated from forests and looks quite natural whatsoever with those flowers.

16. 0012 New Jersey

Wooden planters stuffed with grasses. Bring nature indoors your living spaces to have a refreshing setting.

17. Driftwood Candelabra

This is a really unique candle holder! I am confident this seem more beautiful if the candles have been lighted.

18. Wooden Cornucopia

Cornucopia is a horn that is stuffed with lot of flowers or veggies and may be ideal as decor to get thanksgivings.

19. Contemporary Family Room

Collect seashell in the coast then place it in wooden tray, you may have a unique centerpiece.

20. Dining Table

    To coincide with the comparison consequently, the wooden log juxtaposes with the wooden panel partitions.

Kitchen Design and Decorating

Before and After Photos of a Happy Hip Family Kitchen Renovation

Before, the kitchen used standard off-the-shelf oak cabinets, laminate countertops and sheeted vinyl floors which didn’t fit the family’s ideal style. The lighting was also poor and they didn’t like the layout as well. Kathy would like to work comfortably and conveniently in the kitchen. She wanted to stand at the kitchen sink and look out to the backyard while their two 9-year-old daughters play outside. In the new kitchen design, the original peninsula was flipped to the other wall and then arranged everything to establish a good working triangle for the kitchen. Hence, the range, ovens and microwave were put on the long wall. The family wants to avoid stainless steel appliances because they would constantly wipe off fingerprints on it. “Kids use everything but the handles to open appliances,” Tom says. They bought a new refrigerator, ovens and a dishwasher from Whirlpool’s Ice White collection. A custom cabinetry built by Amish workers was added to the kitchen. These were painted in a custom Benjamin Moore color to match the white appliances. Originally, a wall would be removed to open the kitchen to the living room. But they couldn’t think of a good furniture arrangement to make things work. Hence, a banquette area was added on the left so that the family can gather there. The designer added a microwave drawer in lieu of putting a bulky appliance on the countertop or above a range. The focal point of the kitchen is the bumped-out cook top area. It is also installed in a way that it will give Tom a little more headroom in relation to the range hood so that the “hood isn’t right at his forehead.”LED strip lighting was used under the cabinets to highlight the backsplash. Lighting fixtures that are 3,000 Kelvin were used because they are not to warm and not too cold. For the upper cabinets, it used opaque panels from Lustrolite which are scratch-resistant, acrylic-like material.In the original kitchen, the stove, sink and dishwasher prevented ample counter space on the right side. In the new design, the range was placed on the opposite wall allowing space for the refrigerator, more countertop space and the peninsula sink. Since the placement of the sink created dead space in the lower corner cabinets, drawers were added on the other side near the archway. The drawers store the daughters’ crayons and other art supplies. Glass is stored on the counter-to-ceiling cabinet above the drawers that avoid clutter in the kitchen. The design also made sure that the location of the sink isn’t awkward with the dishwasher’s location. The 8-foot ceiling is painted with the same colors as the walls give the appearance of more space. This is the layout of the kitchen. This will give you an idea of how to apply this design to your own space.

Home Decoration

Handcrafted Origami Inspired Orikomi Lighting

Pretty Orikomi lighting in various color combinations could give some modern and artistic charm to a home. The upper and lower area of the light may vary in color.  The geometric Origami construction of the lights is amazing.      It actually looks easy but I’m sure it wasn’t simple to arrive into this design. Combining like colors seem to create an Ombre look to the lighting.

  You can also choose neutral colors for your lighting too. Fit for a man’s space or just any modern area in your house.  You can match the pendant lights with some tea lights for that uniform yet creative feel.   The Orikomi Lamp can also be placed on the table. You can also add some personal notes to it. Perfect as a gift!     The Orikomi Tea lights come in different colors too. Aren’t they cute?        I guess the light comes in a DIY pack like this so you can assemble your own lighting.   Like the pendant lights, these tealights also come in neutral colors.      A closer look the tealights showing its complex paper-folding.