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California Home Addition Featuring Shou Sugi Ban Siding

Home Decoration

Qualities of the City View Residence in Austin

  The forms in different levels of the house are highlighted in the middle of these luscious green trees and plants.  The lines and edge of this house building explains its significant functions.    The rough texture of the wood and concrete blends with the flawless glass materials used in the walls.Careful planning and thinking are utilized to make this exterior functional and comfortable.Interiors are graced with expensive and classy furniture that make this more charming and sophisticated area to stay in. See how the designer made use of the shapes and texture of the furniture and appliances to ensure balance in the living space. Here’s how the exceptional design of the chandelier fabulously underlines the stylish design of the living space.Wall art and images in the wall improves the appearance of this limited space for the dining area. Patio area and the garden are accessible in this dining space for its glazed wall.  You may see how the designer carefully utilized this box in the living area that serves as the division of the kitchen, living and dining space.  Open layout is utilized in the interior so to let the homeowner experience the important areas of the house, too.Wooden brown and stainless steel materials are effective in making this kitchen modern and chic. This rectangular swimming pool defines its spacious and luxurious character. Chairs and table are also set in the pool area to let the client feel the great ambiance of the surroundings even at night. Vibrant lights explain the charm and sophistication of the interior even in the evening. Importance of lights is highly regarded in the exterior especially during night time.

Home Decoration

Add Decors to your Exterior Awning Ideas


1. )
This boldly striped awning is a great option for a normal window valance.

2. ) Private Home II

Install awnings on the south-facing windows to compensate for inadequate roof overhand and extra contour for sunlight.

    For your entry doors, entrance awning is a great idea for a siding.

4. )
  The awnings offer you a protection against the day sunlight while in precisely the exact same time that it provides an extra attractiveness to the outside.

5. )
  The glass awning using a layout which makes the entry’s appearance be quite inviting.

6. )
  The retractable awnings provide shade in summer time and may be dragged back to Boost daylight through a long and dark winter.

7. )
This is a fantastic notion of a window awning, wood awning provides a rustic appearance to that the garden.

8. )
This is actually a fantastic outside, the beautiful layout of the home is subjected through the glass doorways and the awning shutters.

that I really like the design of this wood awnings, the attractiveness glows with fittings attached to lighting the area.
Cougar Mountain House

  The awnings obtained a modern style using a frosted glass and custom metal fabrication since the substances utilized.

11. West Virginia Retreat

  The metal awning is created from aluminum, ideal layout for wood decks.

12. Lebaron Farm

  The woven awning that is curved and forming such as barrel matches perfectly as a decor to the outside of a farm.

13. Cafe Awning

rather than the conventional window treatment, attempt to add awning for a window treatment to get a more dramatic appearance of a themed room.

14. Monarch Bay

Rather than additional substance, a natural wicker is ideal as a patio cover particularly in coastal cabin.

15. Entry Porch

There is striking flair to the front door using all the vaulted cooper awning and with lights from beneath to get a stunning effect.

16. Traditional Window Awning

Window awning makes the outside of your homes look fantastic!

17. Sheep’s Run

  The cloth awning calms the textures of these bricks and metals developing a beautiful exterior and picture )

18. Front Entrances

front doorway is perfectly comprehensive together with decors, the strands and wall sconces in either side and the frosted glass for awning creates a fantastic front door layout.

19. Exteriors

  The black French doorway is ideal with all the striped black awning finishing a beautiful look.

20. Rutherford Residence

  The awnings are made out of cloths and may be manually opened and closed based upon your alternative )

Living Room Decor and Makeover

Fascinating Yellow Living Room Chairs


1. )
The Acapulco chair is comparable in structure and type to our own Innit chair though marginally more reclined with a pear shaped framework.

2. )
This angle tails armchair is one intriguing chair because of the wonderful material used in it. Just looking at it makes me imagine how comfy it’s is.

Excellent right? This bit will stand out in that your studio flat or be the lost piece of your picture room. Insert cushions or blankets, however irrespective of what you can do so egg chair is not just comfy and a luxury bit but its own doubles as art for your home!

4. ) Vintage Yellow Negative Chairs

All these are vintage chairs I would really like to have in the corner of my own room for friends who encounter!

5. )
This bright outdoor chair will brighten up any of the indoor chambers. I really like that bright yellow!

6. )
  The buttons on the rear rest of the chair is a classic for vintage chairs and sofas) Really like the studs onto the arm rests also!

7. )
      A yellowish armchair is that the ideal means to include color into a dull corner throughout the winter weeks )

8. )
According to Pierre Paulin’s classic Orange Slice chair from 1960, Modernica’s Easy Chair is equally compact and modern in layout — and this glowing yellow variant would be similar to sitting in a buttercup.

  The back pillow provides soft support to your spine and 2 distinct sides to wear.

Look in the fairly petal-looking armchair! It’s a white foundation and yellow petals that function as the spine and arm rest.

Rocking chairs are so calming, and this yellow one is certain to brighten any room. Inspired by mid sized modern style, it could be lovely in a nursery!

12. Forum Wood Yellow

Armchair in that the Bauhaus style by Andreas Weber. Accurate to the original layout, wooden legs unite harmoniously with the glistening yellow chair.

13. Iceberg Arm Chair

This beautifully brightly colored yellow wooden armchair will include a fun touch in that your living room.

14. Jonah Armchair

    Sothis is a dandelion yellow! It seems really bright and looks like a happy color!

15. Milo Baughman Style Armchair

      A vintage alloy armchair in that the style of Milo Baughman upholstered in orange yellow cloth. Great vintage state with a few scratches to the popularity and some spotting into the upholstery.

16. Mrs. Godfrey Chair

      A bit of retro and a pop up of canary yellow would brighten an easy, neutral decor.

17. Santiago Chair

    The gold tones of this light beech armrests and legs reveals through today they’ve been coated and re-waxed, nevertheless showing the patina of use which lets you know they are originals.

18. Stockholm Swivel Easy Chair

Ikea stated,”This armchair is created from molded high durability foam that offers relaxation and service — and retains its shape for several years. Velvet is a gentle, plush cloth that is resistant to abrasion and simple to clean with the soft brush attachment on your vacuum”

19. Trioli Chair

      At the corner of this dining room or in a gathering area of the home, that small and bright accent chair is just plain pleasure. The layout is edgy and very straight-forward and bodes well all over the home. Have you got a small composing desk in that your bedroom that requires just a little something to make it snazzy, try this!

20. Tufted Yellow Wingback Chair

This is one tufted armchair which will be ideal for dads that are performing their crosswords in that the living room. Maybe another color! Haha!

Home Decoration

Artistic Rough and Ready Furniture of Wool Felt and Ropes

      At first glance, anyone would be intrigued with the look of these seating. You might even wonder if you could actually sit on it. This is a chair from the collection with a backseat and armchair. Who would think that wool felt can be made into this one?Rolling the sheets in this manner make it sturdy and add some interesting visual appeal to it too.      A pretty pair that would add an industrial look to your home. I like the way it is painted!      A stool design that actually looks like a paint bucket to me. Painting wool this way add more artistic flare into it. Just random strokes of the brush is pretty amazing!      I know the backdrop is nice but yes, the chair is beautiful too especially with the different colors in it.      A closer look at the folded part of the wool felt. Note the very creative way of painting it.       I admire the designer’s idea of giving this piece a different aesthetic while still sticking to a perception of beauty.

Kitchen Design and Decorating

Interesting Rattan Chairs You Can Add To Your Kitchen


1. )
This is one stunning kitchen space in black and white. If you least expect rattan chairs, you visit one! In the majority of modern spaces that I view, it is generally where black and white kitchen and furniture would imply black and white chairs as well as metallic ones; however do not get me wrong men, the chairs in here are magnificent and fairly sterile!

2. )
These rattan kitchen stools is perfect for me — due to the simple fact that it’s a rear rest but maybe not completely, so that in any stage when you are tired, the brief back rest keeps you back in your toes. The color of this chairs is fine which matches the kitchen just nice.

Currently there is one chair in here, however I do not feel that it is a poor idea because this space could easily pass for a home belonging to one individual who doesn’t require the excess chairs. The dining table and chair combo in her resembles some location the home proprietor reads or gets her recipes.

4. ) A Taste of love

Here is a wonderful approach to creating the rattan furniture mix with the whole kitchen. The chairs have black bodies that fit the wood work above the variety and that the additional brownish pillow and rattan weaving for the rear is that the reason the chairs really stand out in this film — and kitchen too.

5. )
The light fittings in that kitchen sure seems like they are expensive and difficult to keep — but as most of us know, there are items which may be costly or whatnot, but nevertheless well worth itwe only need to be cautious in picking and in investing in your future. We do not require light fittings that has to be substituted following a couple of weeks or what.

6. )
Today the ring lighting in here certain is easy but quite pretty. It doesn’t overpower the color or layout of this kitchen; for me, considering this kitchen space, it is in fact the rattan kitchen stools which makes for excellent accent to this easy kitchen — quite subtle but you are aware of it, if you visit it.

7. ) Coastal residing on Fox Island

The look of the rattan chair might appear ordinary, but , it is possible to really see and pretty much goal should what you need to your home would look magnificent as the distances in this listing. Even the white or filthy white cabinets and island seems dull unlike the chairs.

8. )
Feeling as you wished to bring a hint of Asian in your current kitchen? ) Including a pair of rattan chairs may really do just fine. All you have to do it make the ideal choice together with the furniture and you are pretty much ready to go.

The multiple color of wood in that kitchen is fairly confusing — actually picking the color of this rattan chair is marginally off for me personally. At some point, however, I believe that it’s the lights which are anticipated to be those to be seen in that kitchen — it is vintage and preppy, it is a choice for this particular kitchen.

In case that kitchen belonged to a family of seven, where are the additional four chairs for your kitchen pub? Have a peek at the facts at which the rattan ends and another kind of wood starts — that the weaving is essentially the same, however particular detail makes it somewhat unique.

The color of this rattan chairs I adore! It contrasts with the color of this kitchen counter-island and that the flooring too. Notice just how much seats is found this open floor program — and recognize that the title of the picture is really’gathering place’ I adore the idea of the space, almost definitely.

Not all white kitchens are found by the beach or close the beach or what — but occasionally, apart from the title of the picture and the extra rattan chairs from the pub, it is possible to say this home certain is near some beach. The comparison of these substances in making it diverse and cool. Pretty awesome kitchen, correct?

Well, I am certain that when the kitchen pub is very far in this film, you can observe the chairs in there match the chairs in that dining room set. Even the colors and weave and likely even the developer or in which they obtained these chairs would be precisely the same. It is fine and makes for trendy furniture.

14. Oyster Bay Cove

Have a peek at how the chairs in here were completed — it is comfortable, right? Somehow like the Asian kitchen which we’ve featured in here or perhaps we’ve seen in the world wide web. The layout and substance of this chairs contrasts with all the other items in here — but it sure works just fine. I really like the massive clock and that the rooster table decoration in here also.

15. Plantation from the Sea

The form of the rear rests of those chairs sure seems different from the modern ones we commonly view — even with this list really; but is not it what makes it more intriguing and intriguing? The color of the entire body of this kitchen pub even appears cooler than the ceiling fan in here. I really like how this space can look really arbitrary all at precisely the exact same moment.

16. Complex in White

The large chairs in here seems really neat, pleasant and cute. It fit nicely with the adorable kitchen counter/bar. The simple fact that this kitchen has a simple access to some balcony having a wonderful view is a bonus point with this particular home. This kitchen certain is complex in white!

17. Torrance Home

The tall, large-looking kitchen stools created from weaved rattan into the adorable pendant lighting, this Torrance kitchen convinced is a pleasure. The flooring creates a statement, such as –‘I am daring, look at me’

18. Wharf House

Listed below are comparable rattan chairs from some thing on this record — just somewhat darker in shade. It makes a whole lot of gap in that kitchen due to this color mix seen in here; the light-colored walls, the white kitchen cabinets and pub and a green granite counter — and detect the green variety and hood also! Seems like my sister would like that kitchen due to those greens!

19. British West Indies Residence

This is one pricey kitchen — in the sense of it into the apparent stuff you visit in here. If you are really a fan of construction stuff and whatnot, in a single glance, you can see if something is pricey or not; detect that the massive pendant lighting in here and inform me what you believe.

20. Brentwood Residence

Currently, for the finale, this kitchen doesn’t own a pub or a top counter, however, you can absolutely notice that they added a whole dining room place in here to display the beautiful dining table and the beautiful rattan chairs.

Kitchen Design and Decorating

Sleek Urban Kitchen Designs from Pedini USA

Home Decoration

Magnificent House of an Architect

This project was named “The Projector House”. The concept “projector” means by expanding the views whilst concealing the outside edge, thus boosting the toughest positive feature of the location.  The owner wanted to amuse herself with dimensions and shapes of the site so she came up with an idea to create a house with two structures. The home is composed of: the main living spaces where the living room, kitchen and bedroom are located. And the other one is attached by suspended walkway that serves to be her private space.  The house is made up of ipe timber materials which are visibly seen all around the house. Choosing the hard type of woods strongly offers a durable quality. Before you could enter the living room you’ll get to pass by a mudroom which is designed with low-ceiling giving a grand effect to the main living space which has a high ceiling. Framed glass was utilized to keep the focus on the lake. The owner wanted to have a home where she could contain a huge number of visitors and families. The living room serves as the receiving area for the guests, designed with a double-height ceiling that is slanted vertically.Everything she want for the kitchen is stainless steel matched with white paint. The kitchen island tops a Butcher bloc.     On the exterior part of the kitchen, you can find an outdoor shower area that gives a functional purpose for her guests that had a day running in the lake. The staircase draws you to the second level of the house which is designed with woods and steel railings. At the end of the isle, situated at the corner is an office nook.According to the owner, this spot got the best views in the house which happens to be the master bedroom. Would you believe that the beams were made from tree that was shipped out all the way from Portland? Instead of using bedside tables, she came up with an idea to install wall cubes. Behind this bed is an open space which serves to be the closet, where you can see from above are plants.   The bedroom has an own master-suite den that is furnished with a midcentury sofa, refurnished by the father of her good friend.   The owner used black slated tiles with wide dimensions for the bathtub because she thinks it would be much cheaper that small tiles. This space is what the separated structure contains, wherein the space below this bedroom is a garage and a wood shop. The bedroom is designed with a wall mural done by a friend of the owner.     Of course, it would not be possible if the architect herself has no private space in this home. The bedroom also houses her artist’s studio. This house was envisioned in a small spot that is positioned 100 feet away from a lake, and takes advantage from the views of mountains and to other adjacent properties.

Kitchen Design and Decorating

Stunning Kitchen Wall Art Decors


1. )
  The baskets may add visual interest to some farmhouse-style kitchen.

2. )
       that I really like that the open strategy — plenty of counter tops space for modern Caribbean cooking.

This renovation into a prototypical Toronto semi-detached home makes the most of a compact, urban land. A number of approaches to Boost tight spaces expand the bounds of the home.

4. )
      I enjoy how this distances seems so modern. This Denver kitchen includes two or three paintings mounted around the wall making the gap from a dull into a delightful location.

5. )
Consider these small tiles, brilliant idea to add interest for the Sunshine Coast home! )

6. )
White measurement stickers on a black wall look refreshingly clean and easy and they are helpful, too! You may readily locate more decorative options also.

7. )
This is one good open industrial kitchen! Examine the paintings on the walls.

8. )
All these homeowners enjoyed the Klimt mix and contrasting colors but wanted a milder variation. They customized it and chose to make a white outer bank of Bubbles to encircle the lake of brightly-colored Bubbles. The bright green partitions and magnificent cabinetry create this one unique and colorful kitchen.
Hyde Park Dual

Hyde Park Dual is a style of two single family houses that match each other, while preserving their identity.

Even when those walls or just self-supporting (not holding up any floors or roofs) they need vertical rebar in grout to stabilize themselves . From the Pacific Northwest climate, the concerns of climate will also be significant, pointing towards the filling of CMU cavities .

“The banquette has been the very best space-saving option,” states the kitchens’ developer, John Johnstone of Modern Vintage Custom Kitchens. In addition, it has some enjoyable restaurant-booth style; the upholstery is faux leather to repel spills. The wall decor is styled burlap java bean bags. A table lamp onto the counter increases the household -room feel.
Phoenix Contemporary Kitchen

Pop-up counter on right hand side but adore the art type on the wall! )

13. Raleigh Contemporary Kitchen

Big painting about the wall generally creates one space intriguing and at any stage magnificent.

14. Roseview, Mt. Washington

Who said you can not add twigs about the wall? ) I really like how it just mixes with all the wall color and that the furniture too!

15. Seacoast Rustic Modern Kitchen

  The wood together with the fireplace might be interesting within dining dining table.

16. Steve and Amber Frazee

  The only downside to this home was that the lack of a formal dining room. Fortunately, a round table and four chairs fit perfectly into the corner of this kitchen.

17. The Library Building — Clapham

There was a rule against having gloomy in dining chambers and kitchens, since it had been believed to be an appetite-suppressing color, but I say if you like gloomy, do it.

18. The Olivers House

Publish art. Just since the kitchen is mostly a space of purpose doesn’t signify the walls should not be dressed up with art. This is a simple switch to make and that it will immediately customize the space.

19. United States Transitional Kitchen

Straightforward backsplash with deco cut outer borders.

20. Urbanspace Interiors

Geometric backsplash. Bright, bold and eye catching, a feature similar to that is convinced to be a center piece. It is possible to attain a similar appearance with mosaic tile or carefully applying paint. )

Gardening and Backyard Landscaping

Incomparable and Well-Designed Hupomone Ranch in California

    We can say that the design of a house building complements with the type of location.    Tall trees and landscape emphasize the farming activities of the homeowner in this ranch right? High ceilings is perfect for the interior to experience the natural ventilation and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding.Here’s the unique ceiling fan that blended well with the grey sofa in the interior.  See how this canvass painting enhances the wall and the living space as a whole.Huge sliding door and glassed walls allows the client to access the natural beauty outside.Wooden round seats in the kitchen table breaks the plain white color of the kitchen.   The brown rough and furred mattress in the bed matches with the grassed landscape in the outdoor areas.     Let us carefully see the seat designed intently at the sides of these built-in shelves beside the glassed window. White color used here with the large mirror in the powder area made this bathroom spacious and neat. Trendy and neat fixtures are utilized in this area to maintain its modern concept.Spacious and fresh zone in the exterior is the best place where the client can sit down and relax. Large rectangular shaped swimming pool is the best feature in the ranch that speaks of comfort and luxury.       At night the vibrant lights in the interior underline the stunning design and concept of the ranch house. Geometric forms and size of the house building in the middle of this large land also stressed its exceptional design.