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Prevailing and Unexpected Features of the Remodeled Waterfront House in Sydney

Surrounded by tall trees and luscious garden and landscape this house exterior is improved.  The volume and different dimension of the house is best emphasized in this area.

  The combination of concrete, wood and glass materials in the making of this building is emphasized.Take a look at the different levels of the house that amazingly speaks of its unique textures and designs. The texture of the wall harmonized with the white sands in the surroundings.. The sustainable light can freely access the terrace for its unique design. Simple and plain palette is utilized in this interior to show a classy look.Books collected and arranged in these shelves also enhanced the interior’s look.       A romantic mood and concept is achieved in this dining space in the interior. Modern and stylish design of this staircase match perfectly with the wall arts. Orange round and square seats in this white and grey living space is enough to ensure its elegance.    Art collections mounted in the wall are one of the best features and elements in the interiors. Wine collections in this room is one of the most important parts of the house as it shows its charm and functions.Lines and patterns are also available from the seats and floors of this terrace where the client can see the fresh water in the sea. A small space for the exceptional style of this swimming pool is also available to secure more fresh and prevailing features in the house.

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