Living Room Decor and Makeover

Ways to Add Zebra Prints in the Living Room


1. )
Zebra print onto this set of chairs adds allure to that black living room.

2. LibraryThis storage seat with a zebra print is utilized as a coffee table.

A seat near the console with this cute print seems fantastic particularly with the yellowish background.

4. )
I find that this very adorable! The colors are beautiful and yes zebra area rug also.

5. )
This living room has prints anywhere that functioned nicely fully.

6. )
The blend of azure, black and white here is simply magnificent!

7. )
What I love here would be the throw cushions! Notice the innovative zebra pattern on the area carpet.

8. )
You might even add zebra print onto a space discreetly like this one.

This zebra print cowhide area rug additional longer life to that living area.

Bringing in a zebra printed seat to a living room such as this could make all the difference.

11. Swallow Drive

This is such a magical space not simply because of the area rug but with all in it.

12. Organized Collecting

A small living room includes a beautiful centerpiece and that a glass java table which sits on a zebra cowhide rug.

13. Hope Valley Refined

Another living room with this fairly seat and that an ottoman to match.

14. Horchow

In case your living region has a black and white theme, including distinct patterns for the same color will be a fantastic idea.

15. Living Room

Nice looking chair which is a certain head turner in that living room.

16. Form

I’m not fond of overdoing the wall mural however the area rug does seem good here.

17. Toronto city home

Patterns are everywhere in that space. Utilizing white furniture is only directly with zebra printed throws.

18. Noe Valley Residence

This living room includes zebra prints on 2 chairs which are fairly accents to the blue area rug.

19. Living room

This one has just one chair using zebra prints onto it and it will look great.

20. The Sandberg Home

You might even use a seat as your coffee table also enjoy this one.

21. Glenn Gissler Style   Is not this a gorgeous space? It does seem easy but really charming.

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